65 Sweet Good Night Love Messages For Him

If you are looking for a good night message for your boyfriend or husband we present here a great collection of sweet night messages for him that you can send on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or by e-mail or SMS.

Send good night love messages to your boyfriend/husband and show him you are thinking about him even if he is far away. Also, in our collection, you will find good night text messages and greetings, as well as easy sleep messages.

Sweet Good Night Messages For Him

  • Good night, I hope you dream of something beautiful and cute at night: me, of course, what were you thinking?
  • What I am writing to you now are not words, they are pieces of soul and mind because love is not written, it is felt. Good night!
  • When the night wind flutters through my hair I imagine it’s your kisses! good night darling!
  • I send you a pillow of good thoughts for beautiful dreams, a blanket full of care to protect you in your sleep, and all my kisses for a smooth sleep.
  • He falls asleep on the angel’s wings and dreams. I will accompany you. Good night!
  • At nightfall, I send you my love every night, it shines in every star. Good night!
  • The sun went out, the moonlit up and until dawn, you dreamed how much I adore you. Good night!
  • Now that the sun has gone out and the stars have lit up, you have closed your eyes, and good night, I told you.
Good Night Messages
  • If the moon loved the night as much as I love you, the sun would never rise again. Good night!
  • I would like to be in your arms instead of sending you this simple goodnight message. But for lack of something else.
  • I would like to be a rose, to kiss you among the petals, to watch your sleep until late, so that you too can feel a flower. Good night!
  • Close your eyes, fall asleep, and dream. We will see each other again in a dream.
  • I wish you from the corner of the moon, light sleep and good night and from a small star a kiss from me.

Heartfelt Good Night Messages For Him

14. I would like to be the sheet you sleep on – that’s how I would feel next to me. Goodnight love!

15. To dream of an angel? But I already have a dream and I also have an angel, and the angel is my dream. You are everything I’ve wanted! I love you!

16. I would like the dream to come true and wake up next to you. if not, thank you for holding you in your arms in your sleep… Good night love!

17. Not all angels have wings. Some have phones. That’s why your angel sends you a text message to wish you: good night!

18. When the night wind flutters through my hair I imagine it’s your kisses… good night darling!

19. It’s big. It’s hot. And puffs. Before you get into ideas … it’s a great good night hug!

20. I couldn’t get through midnight without telling you I love you. Good night!

21. I would like to be a flower in your hands, a smile on your lips, the moonbeam that says good night to you.

22. Good night my baby! I wish you a peaceful night and an energizing morning!

23. Even though millions of people are asleep at the moment, I know that only one person will read the message and smile beautifully, thinking of me. Good night!

24. My sweets, my boyfriend, my dear, I wish you good night. May your sleep be tight and full of story, to fill you with new strength and enthusiasm. I want you to wake up with the right foot, to charge yourself with positive energy and the desire to turn the mountains upside down.

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Good Night Love Messages For Him

If you are looking for the most beautiful and sweet good night messages for your husband, then you have come to the right place. Here is a great collection of good night messages that will show him that you are thinking about him all the time.

25. My beloved angel, I love you endlessly I kiss you endlessly good night I wished you… Good night!

Good Night Messages For Him

26. Whatever happens, you will be the only mine, you are the person who soothes my heart. Good night and sweet dreams.

27. Good night, fluffy sleep, and pink dreams!

28. Good night babymoon, stars will fall on your nose and hot dreams will envelop your sweet smile that I will dream of with my eyes open until it will take my sleep and I will hold your hand in the wonderland. Good night angel

29. Good night to the greatest angel, be good.

30. Even if I am not with you, may we be together in dreams, to feel in sleep the embrace of my love and to wake up fulfilled and rested! Good night my dear!

31. At the window, you admire the billions of stars, and somewhere far away someone looks at them jealously and promises you that he adores you much more than them. Easy sleep sweet love!

32. To dream beautifully, tomorrow morning I will come to fulfill them. Good night!

33. Ladies and gentlemen, wings to fly to Ana in her bedroom, kiss her sweet mouth so she can go to bed.

Cute Good Night Messages For Him

34. On a dark night, when you go to bed, I will come to you in a dream, to kiss your sweet lips! Don’t close the window because maybe I’ll come tonight: What do you say?

35. Good night, my dear, gentle, desired, and wonderful. To dream of an ocean of possibilities, shores of desires, islands of hope and love, fairytale countries full of joy and carefree life. Most importantly, I want you to see in a dream the key to answering any question. Sleep sweetly, wake up with a smile and tenderness in your soul. I kiss you.

36. Good night easy sleep to dream of a baby, that baby will be me, I want you to always dream of me.

37. When the stars call you to play and you start dreaming, call me in your dreams too, otherwise, I will spend the night alone because in dreams I have no other play partner besides you.

38. My love, I wish you a good night and the most beautiful dreams. I wish you a pleasant rest and a comfortable night, a lot of inspiration and wonderful ideas for tomorrow, a good mood, and a beautiful day.

39. Don’t think of me, I’m in your eyes, in your mind, in your heart, in your soul… anywhere. However, if you want me… just close your eyes and listen to what I tell you: I miss you. Good night!

40. Through the shadow of the night I try to look at you in the moon, while you slept I woke you up, my love, to say good night to you.

41. If in your sleep sleeping… you will hear sighs… don’t be scared… it’s my longing that comes to sleep next to you… for my baby.

42. If the end of this day has brought you a recent shadow in your heart, I hope the good night wish will warm your heart.

43.Good night, easy sleep, the angels have been around you since good night, and since I was a little girl, I have been kissing you.

44. Do I look up at the sky and ask a star to kiss you in my place, the moon to watch over your sleep, and the angels to sweeten your dreams? Close your eyes and I will be by your side. Good night.

45. When our eyes do not see each other, it means that they are sleeping and dreaming. Goodnight My Love!


Good Night Messages For Him
Good Night Messages For Him

If you want to prison him in your love, then send the above good night messages to him. This beautiful selection can serve as a source of inspiration.


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