100 Romantic and Sweet Good Night Messages for Her

Do you want to send a romantic good night message to a special person in your life, but you lack inspiration? To help you in this regard, we have prepared a collection of good night messages and cute sayings that you can send to her via text or social networks.

Here we go!

Good Night Messages To Make Her Fall In Love

Bring a smile on her lips before going to bed by sending these cute good night messages. In the selection below, we present a collection of good night text for her, accompanied by the most beautiful images.

  • Good night, easy sleep, the angels have been around you since good night, and since I was a little girl, I have been kissing you. Good night!
  • A kiss on your mouth and a sincere, I love you, a beautiful good night, and of course, I wish you !!
  • Good night, easy sleep, to dream of a baby, I will be the baby, I always want you to dream of me!
  • Last night I asked the angel to guard you, and he came back. I asked him why so early, to which he replied: An angel cannot sleep next to another angel. Good night.

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Good Night Message For Her
  • Tonight, tomorrow, and forever, you are in my heart. Pleasant dreams, beautiful, good night!
  • From a little devil to a little chick, good night, peaceful sleep, I love and adore you. Sleep well
  • I would like you to be a little star to fall on your pillow slowly! Good night, dear soul!
  • The sun is upset, and the moon is happy, the sun is missing, and the moon will be with us for the rest of the night, a beautiful night.
  • If in your sleep sleeping, you will hear sighs … don’t be scared … it’s my longing that comes to sleep next to you! Good night!
  • Good night my dear angel … I wish you a beautiful dream full of colors and joys.
  • I love you a lot fluffy angel, and I say a good night beautiful and warm and want to have you to love you and whisper a song to sleep better. I love you! Goodnight love!

Sweet Good Night Message For Her

Below is a collection of some sweet good night messages to send your loved one, friends, or any family member before going to sleep.

#1. I don’t dream about you, because I can’t fall asleep thinking about you. Good night my dear!

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Sweet Good Night Message For Her

#2. When I met you I was afraid not to like you when I liked you I was afraid not to love you .. and now that I love you, I am afraid villages lose. Night good and pleasant dreams!

#3. Good night my love, pleasant dreams, sleep well, my love, maybe tomorrow will be a sunny and bright day, and it will bring you closer to me.

#4. I want you by my side every day, every night, every minute … I’m not desperate, but I love you a lot! Sleep would be sweet and fluffy next to each other if we were. Good night and an easy sleep to dream all the most beautiful. I love you!

#5. I sleep, but I don’t sleep. I miss you, but I support you. I dream of you, but not really. I’m going to you but with a clear mind … to find out why I forgot !! I’ll wish you a good night so you can leave me! Good night sweet dreams!

#6. Every night, I think of a reason why I love you for every star I see in the sky. Tonight, I ran outside to see all the stars. It is impossible to count the reasons why I love you because these reasons are infinite! Good night!

Good night message to make her fall in love

#7. I send you a mouthful of pleasure on the stars and a beautiful good night on the moonbeams. Good night my life!

Romantic Good Night Message For Her

When you want to tell someone that you love them, then a good night message is one of the most beautiful ways to express your love for that person at the end of the day.

These romantic good night messages are a way to declare your love at any time. So, express your love by sharing these good night texts for your wife and show how much you miss her.

#1. She lies down at night, wrapping everything in a sapphire cloak with crystal sparkles. Let the angels of light guide you in your dream. You sleep in peace. Good night!

#2. Evening weather forecast: The meteorologist on duty will recommend you not to make plans for tomorrow. Storms of kisses and stormy caresses are announced that will make leaving the house almost impossible. Good night!

#3. I can’t wait to be in your arms again baby, good night!

Romantic Good Night Messages For Her

#4. Good night, but know that in dreams you will not be alone; go ahead, I still dream of you with my eyes open.

#5. I send you such a sweet kiss so it doesn’t pass your lips until the next morning. Goodnight My Love!

#6. Every night, I love to go home. Because my house means to be in your arms. Good night my Love!

#7. Sleep well my love, to dream beautifully!

#8. Between a million days yesterday and a million days tomorrow, there is only one today. And I will never let him pass without telling you: I am thinking of you. Sleep well!

#9. I would like to be in your arms instead of sending you this simple goodnight message. But for lack of something else.

Good Night Love Messages For Her

Sending beautiful words each night will show her that you are thinking about her even when you are about to sleep.

#1. Good night, easy sleep, to dream of a devil, with a tail and horns to kiss you on the mouth, the devil is me and I will always love you. Good night!

#2. I want to be the person you go to bed with, at least in mind. Good night!

Good Night love message for her

#3. When the evening appears, silence is left and in the harmony of peace, the hymns of love awaken to life. Let your crickets sing at the window, butterflies dance in the light of the lamp and your tired eyelids melt easily on my last message.

#4. I would like the dream to come true and wake up next to you. if not, thank you for holding me in your arms in your sleep.

#5. Why do we close our eyes when we sleep? Why do we close our eyes when we dream? Why do we close our eyes when we kiss? Because the most precious things cannot be seen with the naked eye. When I close my eyes, I see you! Good night.

#6. I would like to be the sheet you sleep on – that’s how I would feel next to me. Goodnight love!

#7. Do you know why there are so many stars in the sky? Because every time I think of you, a star is born. Easy sleep love!

Good Night Text Message For Her

#8. I send you an “I love you” for every star in the sky and a kiss as big as the moon. Dream me beautiful!

#9. I remember when I promised you that not a night would pass without whispering to you; good night! It’s been almost 3 months since you let me whisper to you… but don’t forget… I love you!

#10. I send you a pillow of good thoughts for beautiful dreams, a blanket full of care to protect you in your sleep, and all my kisses for a smooth sleep.

#11. I wish I had held you tight in my arms instead of sending you this loving “Good Night” message.

#12. Good night my love !!! Pleasant and beautiful dreams. I love you very much. Easy sleep love!

#13. Because your eyes are tired right now, let your eyelashes hug for a few hours and dream beautifully! Goodnight Sweetheart!

#14. Good night, my dear angel! I hope you have such beautiful dreams… And in the morning to say that you slept like a child. Sleep well dear angel! Sleep well

#15. In the sad night that separates us, if you feel sighs around you, don’t be scared… it’s my longing to fall asleep next to you… Easy sleep!

Last Words:

The nights signify the end of the day when we retire to our beds to rest after the day’s activities. It’s always nice to end the day in style, and one of the simplest and most beautiful ways to do this is with some romantic good night messages for that particular person in your life.


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